Real Results - One Example

Business Bank Case Study

Executive Summary

Business bank generated 25% of its growth through Nexus Intelligence’s hyper-targeted cross-sale opportunities.

Case Study

Nexus Intelligence engaged with a new banking client focused on business banking. This bank’s strategy was to focus on serving business clients from both a loan and deposit perspective.  In the early going, it was able to sustain several years of 20%+ growth. Like most banks in the years after the financial crisis, prudent financial growth was getting harder. Ultimately though, the bank wanted to maintain, or even accelerate, its growth. 

One strategy was to unlock the value of the data that they had on their own customers. While Fiserv was the core processor, they did not provide intelligence on how to grow the bank. The multitude of reports only told bank employees what the bank had already sold to their customer. However, these reports did not tell them what their customers needed or if those needs were being fulfilled by competing banks and credit unions.

Furthermore, additional sales and marketing programs that would require significant new investment were not possible within this bank’s budget. In fact, the bank was going to have to leverage the investments that they had already made. Nexus made that possible.

The answer was hyper-targeting with Nexus Intelligence. Instead of mass mailings and scores of cold calls to grow loans and deposits, this bank turned to Nexus’ hyper-targeting to allow them to direct its sales efforts towards specific opportunities where there was a defined need with a high probability of closing. 

Nexus set up regular meetings (e.g. WebEx sessions) to review the opportunities for each sales person. The bank validated those opportunities by using its own, independent systems and created manageable lists for each sales person to attack. This process also helped Nexus narrow down exactly which opportunities to present to the bank. Eventually, the bank focused on business accounts and the loans and deposits that those represented. 

Reacting to Key Market Events

During this process, there was a market event to which the bank wanted to respond. Specifically, Bank of America announced that branches in the service area were going to eliminate drive-through windows. This represented a distinct business opportunity for the bank. Nexus produced a list of all customers who had a relationship with Bank of America—regardless of the nature of that relationship. This bank wanted to call those customers directly, inform them of what Bank of America was doing, and encourage them to move more of their business to the bank. 


Third-party audited results confirmed that about 25% of the bank’s loan and deposit growth came from expanded business with the Nexus-identified opportunities.