About Us


Our Beginnings

Nexus Intelligence was born from the simple idea that being a bank or credit union today is hard. Growth is challenging. Regulations have never been so invasive. Competition has never been more fierce.    

Nexus changes the game by unleashing the intelligence that is locked up in your financial institution's data. This is not some experiment with social media feeds that "might" prove useful. Science experiments are for the classroom. Big data from Nexus is about results.


Generating Results with Big Data

Requires three simple steps:

  1. Leverage the trust that exists  
  2. Demonstrate a unique & unparalleled insight
  3. Ask for the business

Your customers have already proved their trust. Nexus provides the unparalleled knowledge. All that is left is for you to ask for the business. Success will follow.


External Intelligence Drives Results

 For every 10,000 customers or members you have, 8,000 of them have money at another institution. 8,000 of them have loans and cash management services at a competitor. The growth you need is not anywhere but within the walls of your institution. It is only a matter of knowing where to look. Nexus shows you the way.