Maximum ROI

You know the math. Every $1 million in new lending closed as a result of the Nexus technology means $10,000 incremental net income to the average bank. For every 10,000 customers you have, 8,000 of them have a loan somewhere else. It all comes down to how many of those do you want.

Customer Intelligence

Know thy customer. Everything about your bank would be better if you knew which competitors had your customers' loans, deposits, etc.

Competitive Intelligence

 Knowing what the competition is delivering to your customers is an unprecedented level of visibility that is now available to banks. The competition does not have it. They will never see you coming. 

Improved Strategic Planning

During strategic planning, do you already know the total amount of business that your customers could be doing with your bank? With Nexus Intelligence, you would. 

Insightful Due Diligence

Due diligence on an acquisition is tough. The target usually knows more than the acquirer. No longer. With Nexus Intelligence, the power is now in the acquirer's hands. Know every loan the target's customers have--not only at the target but also at every one of its competitors.