Hyper Targeting leads to Higher Success Rates

Hyper Targeting Lines of Credit Case Study


Nexus Intelligence competitive insights guided a Mid-Atlantic credit union’s HELOC campaign to a 93 percent performance increase over industry averages as it seeks to achieve higher levels of product penetration and a deeper relationship with its members. Results included: 

  • ~2x increase in open rates over industry averages
  • Future campaigns will incorporate statistical profile analytics in addition to competitive intelligence to further improve targeting results


This Mid-Atlantic Credit Union (CU) desired to improve its digital marketing strategy in order to deepen the relationships with its existing members. The CU believed it had untapped member wallet-share penetration opportunities and needed the means to develop deeper insights into its members’ potential. The CU chose to focus first on targeting existing financial needs currently being served by the competition and selected Nexus to mine its data and catalog competitive products.  This CU engaged Nexus Intelligence and a 3rd party marketing consulting company to develop a true multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

Target Audience Analysis & Selection

Based on the results of Nexus’ data analytics, the CU decided to target lines of credit to meet its business objectives. Nexus developed a series of additional selection criteria:

  • Selected lines of credit, personal loans, credit card loans present at competitors, but not current served by CU
  • Targeted competitors against whom CU offered advantages
  • Payment size of $200 to $800 per month
  • Minimum credit score
  • Eligible for email advertising

Conclusion/Next Steps

Hyper-targeting using Nexus’s list resulted in 93 percent increase email opens versus industry averages, even during the marketing-intensive month of December.